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The DerpyMonster is a character pet I developed to the crochet tutorials blog, you can follow it on social media at:

This was an overall fun and loose project and quite an enjojable experience!

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The requirement

To create a fun, friendly and wacky character pet for the blog; it had to be a monster and it had to be derpy. Otherwise the briefing was really open.

The solution

To bring the DerpyMonster to fruition I stablished some ground rules:

  • It had to be fun & derpy.
  • It had to be easy to translate into a crochet pattern.
  • It had to be simple enough to later be disguised/adapted and changed seasonally.

These conditions were stablished under the vision of creating a pet that could be turned into a freedie tutorial and reproduced every season to generate a collector’s effect.

These ideas were well received and after several rounds of feedback regarding style the final design was rendered and the seasonal derpies were illustrated!

The client’s reaction

Now the DerpyMonster happily lives at and

Are you into crochet? Go check it out!