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District Cuba

District Cuba is an USA consular services agency that specializes in consular tramits for the cuban community. I had been working with them for a while, and recently, since I reinvented all my art style; they approached me with the intention of developing a brochure that I turned into an illustration project that later got greenlighted for the production of an animated clip and it’s currently serving as the seed for a whole new style around the brand; with a website on production and the re-editing of most client related material to be sent.

This project was a series of illustrations for a downloadable brochure that you can find here.

See Brochure
View Project

The animation

This was, actually, the most “ambitious” animation project I had done to the date. Almost three minutes self scripted, narrated, animated, etc. It was real progress at the time, and the first time I felt completely confident on my Motion Graphics skills, encouraging me to explore further on character rigging and gatehring the courage to dive into animation.

The sketches

Finally I would like to share how it all started, with simple pencil sketches on my notebook 🙂